Common Back Pain and Problems Related to Office Work

Office Work Related Back Pain & Problems – Anil Kesani MD. 

Back pain is a huge problem with 31 million Americans experiencing back pain right at this moment. 50% of all Americans will have back pain each year and 80% of them will experience back pain at some point in their lives. But it’s not just an American issue. Globally, back pain is the single leading cause of disability and will cause more than 264 million lost workdays in a year in the United States alone. Dr. Anil Kesani shares below some common causes of back pain related to office work.

Following a residency in orthopedic surgery and a combined neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery spine fellowship, Anil Kesani, MD, spent several years as a spine surgeon with a private practice in Illinois. Dr. Kesani then moved to the Dallas area in Texas and founded his own clinic, SpineMD, in Texas.  SpineMD serves patients in the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) and surrounding areas.  Dr. Anil Kesani performs surgical and nonsurgical procedures to correct spinal problems, 

Office workers can spend hours at a time in a sitting position. Poor posture while working at a desk is one of the leading reasons people develop back problems. This can put extra pressure on the spine and back muscles. Other positions such as leaning forward to look at a computer screen or holding a phone by the ear with one shoulder can also contribute to muscle strains and uneven pressure on the back.

Desk workers can help to prevent spinal issues by sitting straight up, keeping the shoulders level and not rotating the pelvis forward. In addition, it helps to take frequent short breaks that require movement. For example, stand up every half an hour for water, coffee, or simply take a short walk around the office.

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